Snowman Cupcakes

"Frosty the snowman..."

These cupcakes were so much fun to make and a huge hit this holiday season.

I used a mix for the cupcakes (::gasp::) as these marshmallow snowmen were a little bit time consuming :-)

I adapted this recipe from Martha Stewart but there are lots of fun Christmas snowman cupcake ideas.

Click here or here for some other fun alternatives.

I hope you're having a wonderful and joyous Christmas day celebrating with the ones you love!

Merry Christmas!

Snowman Cupcake How-To

(Please note there is so much room to be creative with these mini Frosty's!)

This snowman wears a fine winter hat: a chocolate-covered mint beret. His plump figure is two marshmallows -- cut a slice off the top one and squish to make it smaller. Dabs of icing hold parts together. His eyes are chocolate sprinkles (poke holes first with a wet toothpick), and his nose is cut from an orange gummy fish.

For the cupcake

You can be ambitious and bake your cupcakes from scratch or take the easy road and use the box mix (which tasted delicious) like I did. Follow directions as listed.

Once the cupcakes have cooled generously cover with icing and securely place your snowman on top! Enjoy!

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  1. I'm still sad that we didn't have a "Take Your Snowman to Work" day... haha I love the last photo: he looks a little worried that he's in the very front of the Snowman Brigade. Hmmmmm...


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